The Best Gemstone


A gemstone engagement ring is a type of engagement ring that has a non-diamond center stone. Often designed using traditional engagement settings such as solitaires halos and three stones some couples choose less traditional settings to hold their less traditional center stone. Common gemstone choices include sapphire,Emerald, and Ruby. Aquamarine engagement rings, Morganite engagement rings, Tanzanite engagement rings, Opal engagement rings, and Amethyst engagement rings are gaining popularity too. However, some of these stones will not stand up to daily wear.


garnet gemstone ring

These deep, wine red gemstones have a very special symbolism—the unity of passion and serenity. Wearing one is a promise that you will unconditionally love and protect your partner.




Also called blue beryl, aquamarine is the bright vivid color of a tropical ocean. Symbolizing courage and communication, this gemstone reminds you to express your love for one another on a daily basis—be it through words or actions.


Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire earring

These regal gemstones are fit for royalty. Princess Diana and Kate both chose this blue stone over traditional white diamonds. Meaning: You'll always be honest and loyal to each other.


Blue Topaz

blue topaz earrings

A symbol of peace and tranquility, loyalty and eternal love, blue topaz will serve as a reminder to stay true to yourself. Keep your unique sparkle alive and your partner will always be intrigued.



emerald ring

The green variety of beryl, natural emeralds always have a little garden of fine inclusions. As one of the most auspicious gemstones for a wedding ring, emerald symbolizes a happy and successful marriage.



ruby earrings

Did you know that a ruby is actually a red sapphire? The most precious form of Corundum, red ruby is the ultimate symbol of passionate love.


Pink Sapphire

pink sapphire gemstone ring

Perfect for the feminine bride who dreams of true love and lifelong romance. This pink gemstone signifies that you will always be kind, loving, and thoughtful toward one another.