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What are the different types of engagement ring designs?

Getting engaged is one of the most special and memorable moments in life. And the perfect ring is the cherry on top! However, with so many styles and designs out there, it can be hard to know what you should choose.

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Classic Ring Styles


These engagement ring styles are the ones you'll find in almoslrt any jewelry shop you walk into.Classic in this context doesn't mean boring or basic, these ring styles are versatile, timeless and work with a variety of different gemsones,shapes of stone, and metals, and may overlap into more unusual vintage or contemporary ring settings.

Solitaire Ring


A solitaire is the most classic and traditional engagement ring style. The name solitaire comes from there only being one stone in the design. To show off its beauty, a solitaire diamond is often mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting. It’s also the type of ring that stands the test of time and never goes out of fashion, so you know you’ll always love it.

Halo Engagement Ring


A halo engagement ring is a ring with a center stone that has a circle of diamonds or gemstones around it. Great for adding sparkle to a coloured gemstone or to a smaller stone.One of the most popular engagement ring styles is the halo. That’s because it creates a dazzling shimmer while letting the center stone shine.



A beautiful way to personalize an engagement ring is with a pavé setting. The technique involves embedding tiny diamonds – or other gems – into the band of the ring. Doing so means the ring catches more light and seems to glow on your finger. A popular choice is to replace some of the diamonds with your partner or child’s birthstone, giving the design a unique twist. Pavé rings have a dainty and feminine look and can easily enhance a simple ring.



The cathedral setting has been popular for decades because of its traditional and elegant style. Its name comes from the way the metal of the shank and shoulders curve up to support the diamond. These curves resemble the arches of a cathedral. They can be set with pavé diamonds for extra sparkle or left plain. Either way, the structure and architectural vibe of the Cathedral style makes it a sophisticated choice for an engagement ring.

Bezel Engagement Ring


The bezel is one of the most secure ring settings. The gem is anchored in place with a metal border instead of raised on prongs. Because there’s less risk of the stone being scratched or falling out, the bezel setting is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. While more expensive than prong-set rings, bezel engagement rings don’t require as much upkeep. That is because there are no claws that need to be checked or tightened as time goes on. However, less light will be able to penetrate the center stone so it may also appear smaller.

Three-Stone Style


Also known as the ‘trilogy’ style, three-stone engagement rings are an incredibly romantic choice. That’s because the three stones are symbolic. They are traditionally said to represent past, present, and future, or you, me and us. Trilogy rings are very versatile, depending on the size, type, and shape of the stones used. One popular option is to have a large center diamond with two smaller flanking stones or three mid-size stones of equal size. 

Eternity Band Engagement Ring


The eternity band is the ultimate symbol of everlasting love. The band of the ring is formed from an unbroken chain of diamonds which are connected forever. The diamonds on an eternity band can be pavé, channel or French set, depending on the style of the wearer. Traditionally, a separate eternity ring is given either on a significant wedding anniversary or on the birth of a couple’s first child. However, some couples choose to put their spin on this gift and upgrade the bride’s engagement ring with an eternity band instead.

Channel Setting Engagement Ring


Similar to pavé setting, channel setting involves decorating the band of an engagement ring with smaller diamonds. However, instead of having each stone set into the metal individually, the jeweler creates a groove. The diamonds are placed next to each other in a row within this channel. The final effect has a classic elegance, and the channels of diamonds draw the eye along the ring toward the center stone. Channel setting is also a very secure technique – although this ring style is a little trickier to clean and repair than other designs.




Accent stones are the perfect complement to a diamond engagement ring and give the piece a unique and personal feel. As pink diamonds are far more expensive than white, many couples choose to accent a white diamond center stone with smaller pinks. The ring then has a hint of their standout color for a fraction of the price. Meanwhile, others choose to accent a diamond ring with birthstones or gems that represent their other half’s favorite color to make the engagement more special.