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Diamond Rings I Harrychadent.ca

Rings are one of the essential parts of jewelry. It enhances the look of the person and also makes you confident. Rings are of different types. Mostly diamond rings are more attractive and unique designs for both men and women. Let’s see how many types of rings we can get for our special occasion.

What are the different types of rings?


Eternity Ring  

etrnity bandAn eternity ring is a traditional type of ring which express affection towards the partner. It is a symbol of long-lasting relationships which may consider eternal.


 Halo Ring 

diamond halo ring

The Halo ring is a stylish ring with a large central diamond surrounded by a metallic holder. This ring is another piece of elegance and the best piece of gift for special moments.


Emerald Diamond Ring 

 emerald ring

This is the most expensive category in the ring section. It contains a gemstone in the center and has small size diamonds arranged around the gemstone. The combination of expensive emeralds with diamonds makes this perfect for a wedding.


Princess cut diamond ring 

 princess-cut ring

This ring is an outstanding piece of elegance and charm. The ring has a bigger diamond placed in a square-shaped front frame. This stone shape is special for women because of its beautiful finish and stylish design.


Oval diamond ring 

oval-cut-ringThese rings are very common in Canada because of their decent design and less price.


HarryChadEnt Canada Engagement Ring Collections 

HarryChadEnt is a United States of America company that sells expensive diamonds all over the world. The headquarter of HarryChadEnt is situated in the United States of America because of 10 years of excellence. Almost, 90% of the world’s diamonds are treated under the supervision of HarryChadEnt professionals. 

This company is led by different diamond professionals who have rigid rules of prices. The retailers do have the right to negotiate the price of this diamond jewelry on their own. 

The best thing about HarryChadEnt is its highest-quality diamond products which are popular all around the globe. So, HarryChadEnt is offering the best diamond rings for your special occasions.

Which rings are best for engagement?

Engagement is an important and traditional life event and people are quite sensitive about it. They do their best to make their occasion special. Engagement rings are one of the highly considerable parts of engagement and the event is not even possible without them. The most demanding diamond rings are sold in Canada. Let’s know about some of the best rings for engagement.

Gold Engagement Ring 

gold diamond ringThe unique and shiny color of gold along with superbly cut diamonds make this ring a wonderful piece of jewelry. The price of this ring depends upon the type of gold and the size of the diamond you have chosen for it.


Silver Engagement Ring

diamond ringSilver is a metal that is considered unisexual. The rings made with silver and diamond come out to be the most decent and stylish ones because of the perfect combination.


White Gold Engagement Ring
White Gold Diamond ring

Both white gold and yellow gold styles are reasonably priced and widely available. While more expensive than silver, white gold and yellow gold are of much higher quality.



What are the most popular rings? 

Engagement rings are available in the world with lots of designs, metals, and gemstones. There are some of the most popular rings for engagement for both men and women. Let’s check out some popular rings.

Men’s engagement rings 

men's ring band

Men’s engagement rings are quite simpler and less decorated compared to females. These rings are designed using a thick frame in which usually a single diamond is inserted in the center. These rings are wider which makes them a different and bold piece of jewelry.

Women’s engagement Rings 

diamond ring

These engagement rings are available in a huge variety but some of the most demanding and popular rings are shown here. These rings are quite expensive and have very inspiring designs. The central stone can be a diamond or gemstone depending upon the choice and budget of the buyer.


How long will you use your engagement rings

The engagement ring represents the bond of both partners. It shows their love and commitment to each other. It keeps the people united and promote feelings and emotions towards each other. To show love and devotion for each other, engagement rings are used for the rest of your life and up to the day of the wedding. 

Some metals are sensitive to different daily used products like soap, shampoo, creams, etc. Engagement rings made with such material must be used carefully and one should remove delicate rings before using water and chemicals for protection.

Proper ways to wear diamond engagement rings 

Engagement rings are very expensive and are made with gold, platinum, silver, and titanium mostly. These metals are of high prices. The addition of diamonds and other gemstones increases the price up to 50 times which makes the ring the most special symbol of commitment. Therefore, it is necessary to use engagement with care and attention. 

Following are some of the ways that can help to wear diamond engagement rings properly.

Wear the ring on the ring finger 

Engagement rings are usually used in 4th finger of the left hand. Likewise, one can also wear it on the same finger as the right hand.

Wedding ring on top 

You can wear an engagement ring all the time on the second last finger of your left hand, but after the wedding, the wedding ring must be sequenced on top of all the rings including the engagement ring.

Clean engagement ring regularly

Wedding rings and engagement rings must be cleaned regularly to keep them shiny and new. For cleaning purposes, use a degreasing solution after a week. 

You can also contact a jeweler for getting proper guidelines about the cleaning of engagement rings.

How to take care of your diamond engagement ring?

Following are some of the ways that can help protect diamond engagement rings

1. Handle diamond rings with care
Avoid unnecessary removal of the ring. Although, diamond is the hardest material on Earth it can be affected by the repeating touch of dirt and oil.

2. Cleaning of diamond
Diamonds can be cleaned easily using mild dishwashing liquid soap or any mild shampoo. Regular cleaning of diamonds can make your ring as beautiful and newer as before.

3. Gentle cleaning 
Diamond and the combination of metal for the ring is a long-term and sensitive process. Therefore, never scrub your engagement ring harshly. Use a soft towel or cloth to clean the surface of the diamond and metal used in the ring.


Diamond rings are an essential part of relationships so one must be vigilant about the use and purchase of diamond rings in Canada.